If Law Firms and Clients Sought Each Other Through Personal Ads...

The perfect attorney-client relationship probably doesn't exist...

...but Viewabill brings you pretty darn close.

The Script That Landed Us Our (Most Recent) Fortune 500 Customer

If there's one universally agreed-upon truth, it's probably that cold-calling sucks.  I honestly don't know what's worse, making cold-calls or getting them.   

So why would any respectable company in this day and age still make B2B cold-calls to drum up business?  There's only one good answer to that question- because it works.  Plain and simple.

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Have You Ever Had To Sit Through This Type of Product Demo?

A lot of product demos often consist of a vendor representative sharing a screen via WebEx or a Go To Meeting type of call with a prospective customer whom they're talking to for the first time.

A bit of initial chit chat ensues and then the vendor launches into a 30-45 minute presentation, showing off all the bells and whistles of their software service and everything under the sun that it can do.  During this time, there's usually dead silence from the other end, presumably because the prospect is too fascinated with what they're seeing and hearing to talk. 

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How To Provide Value For General Counsel and the Chief Legal Officer

Nathaniel Slavin, Partner and Founder of the Wicker Park Group, wrote an article last week for Bloomberg's new Big Law Business website on the definition of "value" as it relates to clients.

The main takeaway was that as the delivery of legal services becomes increasingly important to clients ("value" as a differentiator rose from 43% in 2011 to 73% in 2014!) , and as firms are investing more in "Client Value" initiatives, attention should be paid by the firm to ensure that it is providing value across the entire client entity

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Driving Change in Legal: Who's Got the Wheel?

A Tale of Three Legal Department Nightmares

Recently, we were on a conference call with the executive VP/general counsel of a major U.S. holding company when the conversation turned unexpectedly candid.

The executive revealed some of his personal pressures and the pain points he experiences in connection with the efficient operation of his company’s legal department, typically referred to by corporate legal heads as “running the department like a business.

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What's Next for Legal Tech

On January 12th, 2015, Viewabill hosted a landmark online event entitled, “Inside. Outside + Together” which brought together General Counsel and Chief Legal Operations executives from four major corporations - NetApp, Kia Motors, MGM Resorts International and LinkedIn, and five of the law firms they utilize as outside counsel - Reed Smith, Benesch, Venable, Pepper Hamilton and Perkins Coie, for a roundtable discussion on the topic of “Improving the Attorney-Client Relationship Through Innovation.”

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Security Q & A with Viewabill's Chief Technology Officer

Security comes down to people, processes, and technology.  So whenever the topic of security comes up, the first thing people want to know is, “Who’s behind it?  Who’s doing it?” 

It really starts with the people.  And if you’ve got people who know what they’re doing, then you’re in good shape.  And we certainly do.

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Seeing Through a Request for Transparency

“Transparency” can be a high-voltage word when it comes to the delicate area of attorney billing. In the stress of the moment, lawyers sometimes interpret a request for transparency as an implication that they’re intentionally hiding something, or that there’s something wrong with their work.

This article profiles in-house counsel's request for transparency in billing from the perspective of both inside and outside counsel.  It originally appeared on Bloomberg BNA's Big Law website.  Click here to read the article in its entirety.