Measuring Firm Quality with Client Value Initiatives

Client value and legal sourcing programs have become more and more prominent in both law firms and in-house. Firms are realizing that the selection of outside counsel involves a holistic evaluation of experience, quality, value and cost-effectiveness. Finding innovative ways to provide value and contain legal costs for clients while focusing on fostering client relationships and producing a high-quality legal product is crucial. For clients, measuring value and quality to help the selection process while achieving savings is a top priority.

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An Entrepreneur's Struggle

Recently, somebody asked me, “What’s the biggest thing you struggle with, as an entrepreneur?”

There’s a story about one of the great Hasidic Jewish leaders of the last century, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.  Somebody once asked him how he managed to address the issues of ¾ of the world’s Jewish population, yet still be 100% present for an hour each day while having tea with his wife.

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