I suffer from O.C.D. - Can I still be a successful entrepreneur?

Is it possible to be a successful entrepreneur if you suffer from O.C.D.?

The term “O.C.D.” gets flippantly thrown around a lot these days, and most of the time it’s used to denigrate someone’s meticulousness or extreme attention to detail surrounding the completion of a task, like-“It’s fine the way it is.  Stop with your O.C.D..”  But O.C.D. is a very real psychiatric disorder, and while not openly-discussed, more common than you think in the business and entertainment world - Donald Trump, Justin Timberlake, and Cameron Diaz are just a few of the more well-known personalities who suffer from O.C.D.

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Measuring Firm Quality with Client Value Initiatives

Client value and legal sourcing programs have become more and more prominent in both law firms and in-house. Firms are realizing that the selection of outside counsel involves a holistic evaluation of experience, quality, value and cost-effectiveness. Finding innovative ways to provide value and contain legal costs for clients while focusing on fostering client relationships and producing a high-quality legal product is crucial. For clients, measuring value and quality to help the selection process while achieving savings is a top priority.

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